Lunic BoydArtist in Residence, Community Media Center


For more than a decade Lunic has made it her mission to help others by Challenging them to Ignite the Transformation they deserve in order to find Clarity, Purpose and Persevere a recipe that allows them to   thrive in every area of their lives.

Providing tools and resources that help them push past fear by taking massive action for greater results.

She teaches people how to tap into, uncover and push the envelope and discover their God given talents.

With her teachings she understands the sensitivity of treading new territory; that is why her firm but delicate approach using Spiritual Principles has been highly successful and encouraging. It motivates and inspires spiritual growth that is needed to do the work from the inside out and creating a healthy lifestyle that creates long lasting fulfillment.

Lunic’s natural and transparent story telling ability has always been the catalyst for her success & has now made her one of the most sort out speakers and facilitators. She enjoys using her own pitfalls to display how any and everything is possible by exercising things that we all have access to like: Faith, Strength and Inner Power in order to manifest the things we all want and desire in our lives.

Her bold relentless approach on stage is described as electrifying and thought provoking.

Her studies in Communication, Human Behavior and Business Administration as well as her Leadership roles in the healthcare & the broadcasting industry has given her an advantage by making her a strong candidate for helping businesses solve problems effectively , form strong support teams, and leading with Clarity, decisiveness, courage, passion and Humility.

In addition to Speaking, and teaching Lunic spends time making a difference in her community and across the globe with her nonprofit “A Day At A Time ” working with varies Leaders all over the world making significant impact for those in need.

She currently sits on the Advisory Board at The Whitney Houston Academy School of Arts in East Orange New Jersey to help implement change and diversity.  She is a wife and advocate for Domestic Violence AND those affected by Drug Addiction.

Lunic is a successful business woman and Author of “The Proof” a long anticipated inspirational memoir that is scheduled to be released in 2018. Her book will give an account of what happens to a young girl who remains silent for far too long  and how her Faith in God has made her living testament that their is a Power and a Force that protects us all.