Windell BrownStudent Designer, Visual Means

Image: co/ Windell Brown


Windell Brown is a designer, artist and illustrator from Livingston, New Jersey. He is currently pursuing a BFA in graphic design at Rutgers University Newark. Creating newborn ideas with web design is something that Windell enjoys doing. When it comes to his work, Windell is patience, curious and goes beyond the requirements. Simplifying information for data visualizations is a skill that Windell develop during the time he was a freshman at Rutgers. He continues with projects that has been made earlier in his college years. Mr. Brown was a member of the Express Newark Design Consortium Team in 2017, which designed the Brand identity for the Newark LGBTQ Community Center. In 2018, Windell became a part of Express Newark Visual Means Team, who is working alongside David Trout of the Rutgers Law school, to create an awareness of equitable growth in Newark, New Jersey. Windell does freelance illustration part time with a focus on anime, fantasy and video game culture.