James HallResident Partner, Artistic Passion & Purpose

Image: Portrait of James Hall c/o Michael De'Von


The Duke of Gospel, Mr. James Hall.   
Hall is the skillful singer, director, and composer. He has worked with some of the world’s top artists: Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blidge, Faith Evans, Michael Bolton, Musiq SoulChild, Harry Connick Jr., Tyrone Tribett, Kim Burrell, Donnie McClurkin, and others.  
Not one can package his style, or duplicate his unique musicianship!
Who is James Hall?  James is a native of Brooklyn, NY, the youngest of seven children, born and raised by his mother the Late Lula Mae Hall. Lula Mae Hall was the first to nurture his keen musical talent as a singer and musician who learned to play piano by ear.
She enrolled him in classical training at the age of five and encouraged his singing voice which projected a striking soprano range.  She loved putting him up to sing solos at numerous church programs, which earned him the title of Master James Hall.  
Sadly Ms. Hall passed away when James was 12 years old, but she continues to live in the honor of his gospel successes, all of which are credited to her. The reverence of my mother is the reason I am where I am today.”
James attended James Madison High School, the place where destiny was sealed and opportunity was plentiful.  He was appointed director of the James Madison Gospel 
Chorus (JMGC) and utilized the challenge to pursue what he’d been feeling for so long, a desire to direct a large choir.

In 1987 he founded Worship & Praise, his own gospel singing ensemble.   
WAP began participating in as many local choir events as would have them.  Their 
intense determination to serve was the humility that opened the doors of many venues.  
In 1992, the opportunity to perform a five minute spot on TV’s Bobby Jones Gospel.  With great excitement they traveled to Atlanta to take advantage this extraordinary assignment. It was just the break they had been looking for, as earlier that year Worship & Praise recorded their first project at the Institutional COGIC on a small independent label called Tehillah Records.  Due to the great exposure garnered from the show, WAP landed a major record deal with Intersound.
Their debut album on Intersound “God is in Control” soared to the top ten on the 
billboard charts, which marked Hall as a major force on the NY choir scene. 
In 1995 with his sophomore set “King of Glory” recorded in Montreal, Canada, Hall 
scored another top ten release and was dubbed “The Doctor” by New York industry professionals like WWDJ gospel announcer Samuel Williams who cited Hall as “one who really knows how to operate gospel music”.  
Riding the wave continued with additional recording with WAP: Live in Atlanta at the 
Rialto Theater, Live at the world famous Lincoln Center, Live on the Sony Sound Stage, 
Live at Foxwoods Casino and Resorts which entered billboards in top 20 after second week. Adding to his accomplishments, Hall in 2004 started his own Record Label MusicBlend Inc. His first project released, James Hall presents his Church Choir The Voices of Citadel “No Joy, No Strength” Then In 2010 released a sophomore CD entitled “Won’t it be Wonderful” Through these projects, Hall shows us his diversity in styles. Won’t it be Wonderful entered Billboards at top 20 and received 3 Stellar Nominations.