Livingston SteeleArtist in Residence, Community Media Center

Image: Livingston Steele


Livingston Steele is an actor, filmmaker and creative born and raised in Newark NJ. After graduating with a bachelors in music business, and a minor in communications Tv and Film. Steele started his acting career as a supporting actor in an award-winning independent film Savior. After spending a year doing off-broadway theater productions, Steele started working on short videos to better understand the different aspects of the filmmaking from Josue Simon’s music video “Winner”, Alyssa Kayhill’s Playing With Fire, and editing a web series. In 2018, he played the main character Conscious written by Kim Singleton in the New York Theatre Festival. He was able to construct a team to organize shoot dates, scout locations, casting actors for his series pilot episode The Theory Of Brick City Music which won best performance in a web series in the Newark International Film Festival 2018 and the pilot is due to be released in 2020.  With his entertainment development company ARTillery Creative Cannon, Livingston continues to grow and learn about the craft of filmmaking by consistently being involved with the process by assisting, producing and collaborating on projects with other filmmakers and creators