Nolan MendozaStudent Designer, Visual Means

Image: Nolan Mendoza


West-coast born, East-coast based Designer and Artist, Nolan Mendoza specializes in creating unique, emotive, and socially impactful experiences. Nolan earned his degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Art History at Rutgers University Newark, while working part-time in a design firm in New York City. With extensive experience in web and product design as well as branding and marketing, Nolan applies his broad skill base to create a meaningful and socially impactful design. A few of the brands Nolan has worked with include Crate and Barrel, The Whitehouse, The Plaza Hotel, and American Express. Nolan is currently part of the Visual Means team who is partnering with Professor David Trout of the Rutgers Law School to create data visualization about equitable growth in Newark, New Jersey.