Yasmine OsmanStudent Designer, Visual Means


Yasmine Osman is a designer located within the New Jersey area whose focus is abstract and graphic design. She is also a painter and enjoys creating landscape paintings. Yasmine is currently\ studying Graphic Design as part of her Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Rutgers University, Newark.

Yasmine is a caring and friendly person who enjoys socializing with others and creating beautiful works of art. She aspires to one day become a highly skilled and well-trained designer. In order to achieve her goal, she is determined to continue practicing and educating herself so that she can improve her creativity and design skills. What makes her unique is that, as an avid reader, she likes to incorporate many of the different subjects she learns about into her work. Utilizing her various skills and experiences, she has created many different kinds design, including logos, posters, booklets, holiday/birthday cards, business cards, and websites.