Rah’Sheedah NicoleResident Partner, Artistic Passion & Purpose

Image: Portrait of Rah'Sheedah Nicole c/o Michael De'Von


Rah’Sheedah Nicole: mother, business woman, entrepreneur, educator, and always a student. She has been in the beauty industry working as a Hairstylist for 23 years and growing.

Rah’Nicole was born and raised in Newark, NJ’s South Ward… “The Weequahic Section” and graduate of Weequahic High School c/o ’93. At the end of her final school year, while her peers were deciding colleges, she decided to attended a class trip to a cosmetology school. Soon after she knew this was her way out and Natural Motions School of Cosmetology was her start. With no prior knowledge of the Beauty industry Rah’Sheedah went all in to learn her craft, all while her new-found skills came quite easy.

She studied to achieve her license to practice to later become a professional Cosmetologists in 1995. Soon after she was Introduced by her sister to one of Newark’s Finest Female Barbers, Crystal Lee. Lee then quickly took Rah’Sheedah under her wing and taught her the art of Hair cutting. After a few years of apprenticeship and holding her own in the salon Rah’Sheedah sought out for more. Once seasoned she began working alongside other talent gaining her own sense of style in the industry, while taking on various skillsets, attending traded shows, beauty and business workshops and all that could add value to her craft. She worked with different artist and broadened her horizon to other areas within the beauty industry, choreographed stage shows and also has performed as a Platform Artist for a major product brand Paul Brown Hawaii, co-owned and solely owned and operated a salon in South Orange.

Rah’Sheeedah Nicole has also attended and achieved certifications from the Fashion Institute of Technology, The International Dermal Institute of New York and New Concept Hair Goods just to name a few. She also holds a NJ Real Estate License and has BA in Fashion Marketing from Berkeley College along with a host of accolades and achievements.  She has been an accessory stylist for B.E.T. Rip the Runway, worked Mercedes Benz Fashion week and interned in one of the fashion Industries top magazines WWD and DNR. Rah’Sheedah has worked alongside and collaborated with some of the finest Hairstylist, Make-up Artist, & photographers to date.

Rah’Sheedah is currently a Hairstylist to a select group of women, Host a line of unique accessories and a Retail Shopper for the cross-border customer.

Rasheedah is always open to listen, communicate and willing to explore a new opportunity and her favorite color is BLACK.