Michael StachiwTechnical Director, Video Production and Community Media Center, Express Newark

Image: Michael Stachiw, Video Production Manager


Michael Stachiw is a Technical Director who works with filmmakers, artists, creatives, administrators and educators in the Community Media Center and Rutgers Video Production program to wield technology for storytelling at Express Newark. Michael believes the deeper a creator knows their tools the better equipped they are to execute their vision. For digital filmmakers this means workshops deconstructing the technical tools of production and postproduction and reassembling a story through the sum of those parts.

Michael works with Rutgers University Department of Arts, Culture and Media as Video Production specialist facilitating lighting, camera, sound, production studio, video editing and motion graphics workshops for production students while managing production equipment and editing labs.

Michael is a loving husband and father of three budding creators.

Michael holds a BFA in Media Arts from New Jersey City University.