Genesis TramaineArtist In Residence, Paul Robeson Galleries

Image: Resident Artist, Genesis Tramaine. c/o thekam_era


Born in Brooklyn, NY,  Genesis Tramaine is a highly motivated, self identified Black- Queer-  Female- Bodied Urban Expressionist and Educator with passion in creative justice through the arts’ in urban communities and academic centers that encourage blended learning systems, liberal arts and social justice models for students of color, alternative learners and students along the LGBT spectrum’.

As an urban expressionist she creates abstract portraits of men and women who transcend gender, color, and social structures as political or representative. Through a mixture of collage, acrylic and oil based mediums, Ms. Tramaine’s portraits are layer upon layer of real moments and imagined metaphors. She explores ethics and insanity, the mundane and the inhumane, spirituality, and sexuality. She digests the everyday experiences of living and serving in disenfranchised communities and regurgitates it as work that evokes déjà vu, beckoning memories of past lives and glimpses of undiscovered futures.

As a Mathematics and Urban Arts Teaching Artist her professional portfolio is comprised of experiences in instructional coaching, direct classroom instruction, gallery represented student art shows, project management, ed-policy and community organizing. One of her proudest career highlights was fulfilling the role of a Middle School Director for the Explore Schools Network in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, NY. There, she created individualized teacher development plans, professional development workshops, and facilitated parent group meetings which led to sustained student character and behavioral growth, while exhibiting her art nationally and internally. Genesis’ solo and group exhibitions include The Tree House, Governors Island, NYC, The Salt Space, Chelsea, NYC, The Raging Spoon Gallery, Toronto, Canada, AOF Gallery, NYC, Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ, and Paul Robeson Gallery, Newark, NJ. She has spoken on panels at Harvard University and The New School in NYC. She has also been featured in Afro Punk, Blavity, and Knack Magazine.

Instagram Handle: @genesisTRAMAINE