Crystal Glass WarnerArtist in Residence, Community Media Center


Crystal Glass Warner is CEO/Founder of ACE FILM PRODUCTIONS and Lor’ Dour Design LLC. We create independent films in all genres with a focus on faith-based films. Our clothing line is a backdrop for all costume design for our films. Crystal graced the stage on Spotlight NJ with Della Crews on News 12 showcasing her entrepreneurship; ACE Film Productions, Crystal Glass Cosmetics, and Lor’ Dour Designs LLC. Crystal’s first film production was her cosmetics commercial in 2005 and her first independent film short in 2008; The Running Man. Followed by Penn Hill Rd, The Bermuda Triangle, Working Room Only, and countless scripts. “Finding Nora” and “Witness” won the Grand Indie Wise Film Festival in Miami, Florida in August 2017. She was able to network with other filmmaker’s and just by pitching her film is being considered for Lifetime Television, and her film Finding Nora will be shown at the Children’s Society of Filmmakers in India. Success is doing the work and having a passion for what you love.  Crystal is currently preparing her film for Lifetime Television by working with students at Express Newark by mentoring them so that they can work in the industry with experience.