Matt WilliamsNew Media Engineer, Community Media CenterFounder, I'm So Newark


I’m So Newark is a non profit entity. It was created out of the need to offset negative press who focused on the negative happenings of major cities and who did not have a vested interest in the the city of Newark. This non profit entity specializes in promoting all the positive happenings in the city of Newark, NJ. Training members of prison re-entry, and unemployed adults in the art digital media.

Matt Willams, a new media engineer , has been working in the digital media field for over 20years. He is the founder of I’m So Newark and uses his multimedia skills to share , using digital media , his profound love for his city. Matt works with the prison re entry system, he blogs, shoots pictures and videos, produce documentaries, creates and host comedy shows and short film festivals. Allowing a platform for artist to express themselves . Matt Williams is truly a renaissance man.