“1+1=3” / Express Newark Brand Identity Workshop

Image: c/o Design Consortium

Design Consortium

In March 2017 the Design Consortium was invited to participate in the Express Newark Grand Opening. For this exciting event we created a collaborative workshop for Opening participants that introduced visitors to the DC’s process and methodology, and a small exhibition of the Express Newark Brand Identity design process.

Following a quick presentation of our methodology, we explained the “1+1=3” concept behind Express Newark (where 1+1 represent RU-N + the community), and made use of this notion to ask visitors what could “3” mean to them?

In the workshop, we took visitors through a participatory design project. Participants filled out a Postcard indicating what “3” is for them, and selecting the elements of the EN Brand Language which they wanted used for the visual expression of their message.

Visitor’s responses to the exhibition’s prompts were then visually interpreted by DC design students Sarah Barcelos, Anne Rochelle Bernal, Andrea Cassar, Tinhinane Khelifi, Marsha Shnayder, and Yosmany Michaca Vivar, and showcased on the EN Instagram feed. During the Opening, two large screens in the EN Lecture Hall displayed the Instagram feed as new Posters were being created and added in real time.

This workshop allowed us to gather input from community members that could inform ways in which Express Newark can engage with the community, beyond the DC’s regular operations.