95 And 6 To Go to screen at Express Newark

Image: Photo still from the film 95 And 6 To Go by Kimi Takesue.

Express Newark

Join us on Wednesday, May 1st at 6pm.

“95 and 6 to Go is the home movie as subtle, multi-layered, self-reflexive work of art.”
– Peter Keough, The Boston Globe

In this moving portrait, filmmaker Kimi Takesue finds an unlikely collaborator while visiting her resilient Japanese-American grandfather in Hawaii. A recent widower in his 90s, Grandpa Tom immerses himself in his daily routines until he shows unexpected interest in his granddaughter’s stalled romantic screenplay and offers advice both shrewd and surprising. Tom’s creative script revisions serve as a vehicle for his memories of love, loss, and perseverance to surface. (85 min.)

Q&A with director and ACM Professor, Kimi Takesue and moderator Jack Tchen, Director of the Price Institute.

Refreshments will be served