Newark Improv now accepting applications for free classes! Deadline 10/17

Image: Newark Improv. c/o Isaac Jimenez

Express Newark

Newark Improv is a small collective of improvisers teaching, learning, and working in the city of Newark and we can’t wait to share the art of improvisation on stage though comedic, artistic expression and storytelling.


This 7-week program that concludes in a public class show is for the beginner so if you’ve always wanted to try an improv class but never got around to it, thought “this is too expensive”, or have been hesitant or nervous about it, this may be the program for you. All classes are in downtown Newark, 100% FREE, and taught by trained, professional long-form improvisers.

The goal of this inaugural program is to teach improv and create improvisers that accurately reflect the city of Newark. Thus, the program seeks to create opportunities for applicants who meet one or some of the criteria below.

• Newark residents
• people of color
• people over 40 years of age
• people in the LGBTQIA community
• women, people who are gender non-conforming, and people who identify outside the gender binary
• people with physical, emotional, or cognitive disabilities
• people who are active duty military service members or military veterans.