Newark Rhythms Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Image: Artist Lecture Series

Paul Robeson Galleries

Come visit and listen to Newark Rhythms Artist Lecture 2019-20! Come and see the featuring artists.

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Dominique Duroseau, Wednesday 11/20 2:30pm – 4pm 
Dominique Duroseau is a Newark-based artist born in Chicago, raised in Haiti. Her interdisciplinary practice explores themes of racism, socio-cultural issues, and existential dehumanization.

Alan Ruiz, Wednesday 2/26 2:30pm – 4pm 
Best known for his immersive sculptural work, Brooklyn-based artist Alan Ruiz employs industrial materials and architectural procedures to restructure familiar spaces, thereby confronting authoritative and normative approaches to the visual world.

Ayana Evans, Wednesday3/25 2:30pm – 4pm 
Performance artist based in NYC, but still Chicago’s own. Part time Brown University faculty. Originator of #OperationCatsuit & #ijustcameheretofindahusband.Evans received her MFA in painting from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University and her BA in Visual Arts from Brown University.

Brett Wallace, Wednesday 4/29 2:30pm – 4pm 
Brett Wallace is an interdisciplinary artist working in drawing, painting, video, photography, sound, installation and new technologies to examine speed, production and commodification in the digital era. He engages in strategies of research, creation, modification and intervention as part of broad framework of artistic production. He encourages us to think about what type of society we want to become at the pace we are moving and how our society will change with new developments in production, distribution and storage.

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