Now Open: “Exquisite Corpse”

Image: Jen Keshka, Tara Raye Russo, David Rios Ferreira, Why don’t you just get married and get a subscription to Better Homes & Gardens already/ Torso in Super Saturated Light/ Legacy, 2009, Collage, digital photograph transfer, colored pencil, gouache on paper. c/o the artists and Paul Robeson Galleries

Paul Robeson Galleries

The Exquisite Corpse (“Cadavre Exquis”) was a favorite Surrealist game from the 1920s onwards. The game involves multiple participants contributing to a single drawing. Traditionally, participants create their section of the drawing and then cover it so the next person is ‘drawing blind.’ Once all participants have finished, the drawing is unfolded and revealed.

In 2010, we commissioned 92 artists of the region to produce 30 drawings, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Paul Robeson Galleries. In the spirit of Paul Robeson, we sought to promote free speech and creative expression, reflecting a multitude of voices through our exhibitions, programs, and publications. The anniversary exhibition manifested Paul Robeson Galleries’ mission of inclusivity, participation, and community outreach, and we are pleased to present a selection of the works.

Artists: Perry Angelora, Nakeya B, Nina Lola Bacchuber, Suzanne Kammin Baron, Alaine Becker, Lauren Simkin Berke, Pat Brentano, Michele Brody, Karen Brummund, Emanuele James Cacciatore, Rodriguez Calero, Robert Carioscia, Megan Cedro, Nancy Cohen, Yvette Cohen, Copie, Laura Cuevas, Patricia Dahlman, Agnes DeBethune, Paul Di Zefalo, Molly Dilworth, Marisa Dipaola, Asya Dodina, Nisha Drinkard, Jordan Eagles, Eileen Ferera, David Rios Ferreira, Sean Patrick Gallagher, Jerry Gant, Florencio Gelabert, Irene Gennaro, Beth Gilfilen, Bonnie Gloris, Dan Gluibizzi, Jr, Michelle Orsi Gordon, Matt Louis Gosser, Jaz Graf, James Horner, Jenny Kanzler, Jen Keshka, Ana Garces Kiley, Sol Kjok, Nick Kline, Nadine LaFond, Yen-Hua Lee, Greg Leshe, I-Ling Eleen Lin, So Yoon Lym, Mary Kate Maher, China Marks, Caitlin Masley, Caroline Anne McAuliffe, Anne Queeny McKeown, Terina Nicole McKinney, Darren McManus, Meridith McNeal, Lucia Warck Meister, Emmy Mikelson, Hannah Joanne Mishin, Jason Mones, Narciso Montero, Brian Oakes, Amy Ortiz, Roberto Osti, Courtnay Papy, John A. Patterson, Jaanika Peerna, Chris Pennock, Slava Polishchuk, Alina Poroshina, Stephanie Rauschenbusch, Babs Reingold, John Ros, Tara Raye Russo, Claudia Sbrissa, Sasha Su Shaw, Katherine D. Singh, Laurinda Stockwell, Amy Tamayo, Nancy Tobin, Leah K. Tomaino, Robin Treadwell, Raul Villarreal, Amanda Wachob, Shoshanna Weinberger, Eileen Weitzman, Alison Weld, Usoon Woo, Suhee Wooh, King-Yan Yeung, M Zlotkin, Deborah Zlotsky.