Fundraising Event: Screening of “Catch A Girl”

Image: c/o Community Media Center

Community Media Center

Vibes After Dark and Daupëaire are hosting a fundraising event and art experience centered around the upcoming short film, Catch A Girl.

The film places a spotlight on toxic male behavior and a culture of misogyny that pervades our society. Using young voices and real situations, we examine the development of problematic notions of gender roles and expectations that take shape during childhood. We observe this through a popular childhood game and everyday occurrences in our environment, continuing the conversation around respect, consent, and self-control.

Your donation gains access to the event and helps with the completion of the film. Join us for art installations, refreshments, sounds, a sneak peek of the film, and more! We will also live stream with private link for the out-of-towners.

“Catch A Girl” is a Newart Film x Covered By God Production. Written & Directed by LeRon Lee.

We have to reach our goal of $5,000 to cover post-production costs (editing, sound mix, music composition, color correction, legal fees, film festival submissions). Thank you for your consideration and helping us to complete our vision.