Opening Reception for the Senior Graphic Design Exhibition “trans.”

Image: c/o Nadezda Aandrianova

Paul Robeson Galleries

Senior Graphic Design Exhibition 2018: “Trans”

This work explores the creation of an integrated transmedia experience composed of three distinct narratives/campaign elements which together create a comprehensive and coordinated larger “story.”  The work is united by notions of across—beyond—through defined by each student’s research using a “trans” word as their point of departure.

The exhibition is the collective Senior Capstone work of:
 Dalia Abdalla, Shawn Collins, Elise Folkerts, Will Gilligan, Wilfredo Jimenez, Jonas Larbi, Michelle Medina, Ronald Mendoza, Yosmany Michaca Vivar, D. Pamela Molina, Gustavo Morais, Evan Parrott, Kelvin Peebles, Franc Pena, Donald Portillo, Antoinette Prioletti, Marsha Shnayder and Alan Weingast.