Opening Reception for “Transitions”

Image: "Transitions" co-cuator Galdys Grauer with guests at the reception. c/o Paul Robeson Galleries

Paul Robeson Galleries

Participating artists: Rachel B. Abrams, Suzanne Anan, Aliza Augustine, Kathy Bruce, Donna Conklin King, Lisa Conrad, Anne Dushanko Dobek, Deanna Lee, Anne McKeown, Rachel Rampleman, Kay Reese, Nette Forné Thomas, RoByn Thompson, Genesis Tramaine, Noelle Lorraine Williams, Amanda Thackray, Jennifer Coard, Bisa Washington, Eleta Caldwell, Miriam Stern

Each year Women In Media – Newark presents a thematic exhibition of works by visual artists that coincides with their annual film festival. This year’s theme is Women in Transition. On view at the Paul Robeson Campus Center Gallery from February 15 to March 28, Transitions features work from 20 artists in a range of media, curated by Adrienne Wheeler and Gladys Grauer. The exhibition attempts to examine the ways in which transitions or the state of transitioning impacts the works of women artists. These transitions are inclusive of, but not limited to gender identity transition, transition to motherhood, transition in aging, transition in work, transition through loss, transition in grief, transition in death.