“1+1=3” / Brand Identity Exhibition

Image: c/o Design Consortium

Design Consortium

In March 2017 the Design Consortium was invited to participate in the Express Newark Grand Opening. For this event we organized an Exhibit describing the design and development of the Express Newark brand identity.

The exhibition described how the DC created the branding over a three-year period – a collaboration of all DC Co-Directors, (Jennifer Bernstein, Ned Drew, and Chantal Fischzang), twenty DC students, and EN and RU-N stakeholders.

This included a description of our process, including a collaborative  workshop with EN stakeholders, the development of a brand strategy, creation of different design concepts, selection and refinement of a design solution, the further development of the brand system including print collateral, and an extensive Style Guide that describes the brand elements and visual language.

The Brand Identity Exhibition consisted of large prints showcasing all stages of the creative process covering the walls of the DC conference room, and a slideshow presenting further extensions of the brand. DC student Andrea Cassar introduced the Exhibition elements to visitors, and walked them through the design process.