Bulletproof Ambition-The Art of Jerry Gant

Image: Partial Gallery View, Paul Robeson Galleries at Express Newark

Paul Robeson Galleries

Jerry Gant was a fixture on the local arts and culture scene for almost four decades. His long list of accomplishments spans the literary, performing, and visual arts with numerous performances, solo projects, and group exhibitions. Gant was a multi-disciplined visual artist, arts educator, mentor, and activist. He created work which reflected many of the particulars of his own life as a black male growing up in Newark and was motivated by a profound and genuine desire to truly know and understand the human condition. For Jerry, life and art were inextricably linked.

“Bulletproof ambition” is a phrase coined by Jerry in the nineties, describing the roots of his own impenetrable drive and passion in pursuit of his art. He has propagated this sentiment and it appears in everything from graffiti tags to metal sculpture to an award-winning film title and an exhibited collectible art book. “I’m one of those little black boys that’s raised on bulletproof ambition and the world only listens when I’m letting off rapid fire shots!” His compulsive creativity was without boundaries, imbuing all aspects of his existence. Through his nuanced and bountiful output – graffiti, spoken word, sculpture, assemblage, and textile art – Gant strived to create a legacy which has transcended his life and exists today through his artwork, and the impact he had on the lives of others.


This exhibition was curated by Linda Street.