2022 Graphic Design Senior Capstone Exhibition – HYBRID

Image: 2022 Graphic Design Senior Capstone Exhibition, HYBRID

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The Department of Arts, Culture & Media at Rutgers University-Newark, is pleased to present the 2022 Senior Graphic Design capstone exhibition, HYBRID. It will open with a public reception on April 28th from 5pm – 7pm at The Robeson Center Gallery, Rutgers University-Newark at 350 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Newark, NJ 07102. HYBRID will be on view until May 19th, 2022.

The 2022 capstone exhibition includes seventeen transmedia projects that individually examine the theme hybrid. Topics address our current state of living and learning; celebrate our intersectional and hyphenated identities; support complex, layered technologies and environments, and more. Student designers will create physical and virtual, multi-narrative experiences and interventions that live within the exhibition space at The Robeson Center Gallery, as well as circulating the campus, and our immediate Newark community.

This is the first in-person capstone exhibition since 2019. The exhibition’s title leans into our collective journey over the past two years and commemorates our adaptive strength amidst a global pandemic. As a design cohort, we have not only embraced virtual spaces but thrived there in collaboration and community, looking at hybrid as the solution.

“For the last several years this class has maneuvered through a hybrid landscape with challenges that had never been faced before. The 2022 capstone exhibition is a monument to that achievement and a way to celebrate our perseverance through unprecedented times.” – James Negri, HYBRID designer

Presenting graphic designers include Karen Alvardo, Yasmine Bacon, Omar Beltran, Jasmin Erichsen, Arshy Hernandez, Joanna Januszkiewicz, Timour Khan, Rachel Lantigua, Ailin Li, Jadzia Munoz, James Negri, Orisegbubene Ogbe, Jose Peralta, Bianca Pereira, Jill Prajapati, Kristel Rico, Corey Robinson, Sophia Sanchez, Quran Sherrod, and Pushpinder Singh. This year’s program was led by Associate Professor Jennifer Bernstein and Adjunct Professor Rebecca Pauline Jampol.

Visit the Exhibition Website: acmbfa.design/hybrid/

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For more information:

Jennifer Bernstein, Associate Professor jennifer.bernstein@rutgers.edu
https://acm.newark.rutgers.edu/ | https://www.newark.rutgers.edu/