FAQ Video Production Studio

What is the 408 Production Studio?

This state-of-the-art video production studio is one of Express Newark’s most dynamic spaces, planned to support filmmakers and local video artists who are selected as resident partners in the Community Media Center (CMC).

Features include

    • Production Studio
    • Dimensions: 2,424 sq ft
    • Green Cyclorama corner set for green screen
    • Dimensions 23’ x 15 ½’
    • Isolation booth for Sound Recording such as voice over, foley, and ADR
    • Dimensions 105 sq ft
    • A Black and a White curtain on runner tracks spanning 360º around the studio floor
    • Lighting Grid with ETC lighting console
    • Control Room for live switching and streaming Express Newark events, upon request, with additional staffing required.


    • Food and Drink prohibited within the space. Another location within the building for craft services may be requested through the Reservation Portal.
    • Only tread upon the green cyclorama painted floor with protective shoe coverings and/or new, unworn pair of shoes. Any scuffs, marking, or damage to the painted floor must be restored at the expense of the individual or group as deemed by senior staff.
    • The point person must remain on premises at all times during use of space.
    • Persons within the space are responsible for their own personal property at all times.
    • Leaving personal property, set pieces, or outside equipment in the space is prohibited.
    • Tours visiting the space must be accompanied by Studio Staff upon request.

How do you reserve the Production Studio?

Production Studio is designated for production purposes. To request a reservation use our Reservation Portal at thirdspace.expressnewark.org.  If you do not hear back from us within 48 business hours please contact James Pasion, Media Technician, at jop15@newark.rutgers.eduand Michael Stachiw, Technical Director, at mstachiw@newark.rutgers.edu.

Is there a fee associated with using the Production Studio?

Our trained studio staff is hired for studio access, resetting the space, facility needs, and general guidance to utilize the facility e.g. basic lighting console use. Productions are responsible for their own tech support and equipment operators. Fee for an individual studio staff member is $50 + $25/hr of studio occupancy to be paid 48 hours in advance of production.