Visual MeansPartner

Image: Exhibition "At Home In Newark" at the Newark Public Library

Who We Are

Visual Means (VM) is a student/faculty creative studio that uses communication design and a collaboratively engaged processes to make advanced research understandable to a target audience. Within this framework, designers and researchers become equal partners who — only through their work together — can create impact. This inclusive design model acknowledges that each participant brings exceptional knowledge to the relationship without which the work would not succeed. Visual Means embodies Express Newark’s mission to encourage a culture of self-expression through a collaborative university-community partnership. It offers a mutually beneficial partnership where students gain real-world experience while offering greater visibility to valuable ideas which can improve peoples’ lives. As Richard Saul Wurman wrote, “Raw data can be, but isn’t necessarily, information, and, unless it can be made to inform, it has no inherent value. It must be imbued with form and applied to become meaningful information.”