“A Mother’s Cry”

Image: c/o Community Media Center

By Kadijah Taylor

On February 27 2010, I lost my son Reggie to street violence. He was only 17 years old.

On the year 2016 I was invited to join the Convalescences Group, founded by Rodney Gilbert. He brought together women who lost their children to gun and street violence, not only in Newark, but all of New Jersey.

Months later we met again at Rutgers University-Newark for a creative writing class. A creative writing class, and what this class has to do with us? You may ask. For the first time we wrote through grief, hence the title of the class, “Writing through Grief.” As we sat there telling our stories, sharing our pain and connecting, I had an idea.

Our stories are in the need to be told. Yes, the world needs to know we are grieving mothers that want to hold each other, counsel each other and be there for each other regardless the condition or matter in which our child had died. We were connected for life.