Artistic Passion and Purpose’s Community Workshops Are Now Open for Registration

Image: Artistic Passion & Purpose Logo

Artistic Passion & Purpose

Artistic Passion and Purpose (APP) is excited to announce open registration of its new schedule of courses at Express Newark. Courses cost $10 per session and cover a variety of topics including makeup, vocal lessons, dancercise, sewing, and more. All of the courses are open to the public but registration is required at here.

Artistic Passion and Purpose (APP) is a nonprofit organization of Newark-based creatives who endeavor to encourage, embrace, and empower the community through sewing, hairstyling, skincare, voice, dance, fitness, and self-expression. APP consists of individuals who fill a void in the city of Newark by providing a vehicle for artistic development and freedom expression. Its work at Express Newark bridges community gaps and fosters open, loving, and effective dialogue to strengthen constituencies from surrounding areas.

“Our overall goal is to ensure easy access to Newark residents of certain instructional services, which we offer for free or at discounted rates,” said Michael De’Von, director of APP. “Our aim is to make sure participants who engage with our program have an opportunity to gain skills and expertise that can be applied to their personal lives and careers.” 
APP offers courses throughout the year. Interested persons should click here for new offerings and follow APP on Facebook and Instagram. APP also can be contacted directly at

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