Being Part of Visual Means

Image: Co-Director Jennifer Bernstein and students Alan Weingast, Francisco Pena, Ronaldo Spooner, Nadya Andrianova, and Alexandra Pozo meet in the Express Newark Courtyard. c/o Visual Means

By Jennifer Bernstein

What was the most important or valuable aspect of being part of Visual Means?

“Working with everyone to create something with everyone’s talents. Group projects with people who actually work come out great.”
David Lisi

“Learning new ways to extrapolate, compile and present data in unique ways.”
Alan Weingast

If you had to describe 3-4 things that you learned, what would they be?

“The Processing program. Discovering that visual data was something that was in my field of study. How we can connect with each other through data visualization and it does not always have to be this serious topic… That besides Processing and coding being very cool, data visualization is amazing and it’s something that can truly change our point of view with learning and understanding anything!”
Susanna Seery

“That there are many unique ways of visualizing the same type of information; the use of the program Processing; how to turn a complex amount of data into an easy to understand visualization.”
Alan Weingast