Express Newark Announces Exciting Leadership Change

Image: Fran Bartkowski

Express Newark

Join us in congratulating one colleague on her appointment to a new leadership position and offering profound thanks to another for her outstanding stewardship in that position as she prepares for sabbatical.

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Frances Bartkowski will assume the role of Co-Director of Express Newark in the new year. Many of you know Dr. Bartkowski was director of the RU-Newark Women and Gender Studies Program, the oldest such program at Rutgers, from 1989-2002. She served as chair of the Department of English from 2010-2016 and is currently the Interim Chair of the Arts, Culture and Media Department.

In 2013 Dr. Bartkowski team-taught a course about the HBO show The Wire with Sherri-Ann Butterfield, Professor of Sociology, and Executive Vice-Chancellor. In a 2014 series of events inspired by that show and focused on Newark, Dr. Bartkowski and Professor Roland Anglin, director of the Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies, interviewed Michael K. Williams (aka ”Omar”), one of four actors in The Wire who spoke at Rutgers during that year. Dr. Bartkowski published her first novel, An Afterlife in 2018, and is also the author of Feminist Utopias, 1989; Travelers, Immigrants, Inmates, 1995; and Kissing Cousins: A Kinship Bestiary, 2008. Dr. Bartkowski has taught courses in feminist theory, literature and criticism, memoir and autobiography, travel writing, utopian fiction, 20th century American and European fiction, and authors Toni Morrison, Philip Roth, Margaret Atwood, Edith Wharton, and Willa Cather. Dr. Bartkowski’s research interests include feminism, animal studies, trauma, and memory studies.

As we warmly welcome Dr. Frances Bartkowski to her new role, we thank Dr. Anne Schaper Englot for the wisdom, generosity of spirit, and grace that she brought to that role since January 2017. Dr. Englot’s leadership of Express Newark has been defined by her characteristically keen and broad vision, capacious empathy, and steady hand. Dr. Englot, alongside her Co-Director Victor Davson, has been instrumental in shaping Express Newark as a key university—community collaborative initiative. She played a pivotal role in our strategic planning process and in pursuit of our strategic priorities related not only to Express Newark but to demonstrating the anchor institution strategic mission of Rutgers University-Newark.

While we will miss her leadership, we are happy for her because she will be pursuing a project that is near to her heart. Dr. Englot will be working on “Embodied Utopia: Jemima Wilkinson’s Community at Jerusalem, NY.”  She recently said, “I am so excited to get back to this work that builds upon my doctoral research and examines alternate modes of community planning through the lens of an American utopia called Jerusalem, founded by 18th-century pioneer, Jemima Wilkinson,” Dr. Englot explains, “my project is a spatial and textual analysis of this 18th Century community on what was then the American ‘frontier.’ Jerusalem was a unique, matriarchal, settlement where the structure of a (patriarchal) nucleated village—with civic functions surrounding a public space or town square—is inverted.”

After her sabbatical, Dr. Englot looks forward to returning to her faculty position full time and supporting her colleagues as the university-community arts collaboratory transitions to new leadership.

“We’ll miss Anne but we wish her much success in her new endeavorsWe are excited about the new leadership and continued community programming here at Express Newark ”

–Express Newark Leadership Team

We hope you will celebrate both of these outstanding colleagues on their accomplishments and wish them well on what is to come!