Exploring The World’s Street Art from Home

Image: Monochrome Stencil Jef Aerosol, Jef Aérosol2012 & -Chris Stain, Chris Stain, 2012

Express Newark

Exploring The World’s Street Art from Home

Virtual tours of museums and galleries around the world are getting a lot of press right now. But did you know that you can explore some of the globe’s most intriguing outdoor art without leaving your home?

Join us on an (imaginary) walk through space and time with us to tour street art and street art exhibits around the world, including:





Brew a cup of tea and explore works by Banksy, Stiks, A.C.E. and Shepard Fairey in this eight-location online tour of London’s spectacular street art scene.





Explore a stunningly diverse collection of styles, themes and subjects in this tour of the street art in Colombia’s capital.





This collection highlights the work of an international collection of artists on the iconic, romantic streets and architecture of Paris.





Images of vibrant art captured in 2012 in Open Walls Baltimore showcase the ways that street art, and the creative people who create it, can bring a community together.


New York



This intriguing collection of art in unexpected places was captured by artists in 2014. The aim: To shift public perception about where art lives, and how it’s created.