Express Newark Partner produces 2nd issue of fashion magazine

Artistic Passion & Purpose

Express Newark Community Partner, Artistic Passion & Purpose has worked diligently through the pandemic to produce a fashion magazine.  Now fast forward to Summer 2021 and the fruits of their labor will be a 96 page artistic wonder that is to be released August 20th.

Michael DeVon, the founder and Director of APP, said the team of creatives he has assembled has worked tirelessly to provide content that expresses their particular artistic / fashion perspectives.

For more info and if you haven’t purchased their Spring/Summer Edition which was released this past January is the time as they’re almost gone.

Artistic Passion and Purpose (“APP”) is an organization of creatives whose goal is to encourage, embrace, and empower the Newark area community through courses and services in clothing construction (sewing), hair styling, makeup artistry, vocal training, dance, fitness, and self-expression.

For more information visit The Artistic Eye Website.