Mutual Aid Storytelling and Sharing: A Translocal Learning Space

Humanities Action Lab

Spring 2022 Semester – Rutgers Newark

In our highly colonized, late capitalist world marked by massive environmental destruction we all have needs that aren’t being met; from lack of access to housing, food, and safety to the absence of deeply connective relationships. This reality can feel overwhelming, paralyzing, and depressing, but alternative ways of being, living, and collectively supporting each other exist in communities across the world. In this unusual learning space organized by the Humanities Action Lab, we will explore radically different ways of moving through life from mutual aid practitioners, environmental justice organizers, and Indigenous lifeways. Together we’ll tell stories about ourselves and our communities; building affinity and organizing towards material change in our lives.

Prof. Leora Fuller

Thursdays 2:30-5:20pm

Course Number: 21:050:488:02