Our First Year / Movie Camp

Image: Learning how to interview, no script required. Madison Abdul-Sabur did a great job. She was the one of the youngest members. c/o Kadijah Taylor

By Khadijah Taylor, Partner, Community Media Center

May 5, 2017 marked the Grand Opening of Express Newark in the Hahne’s & Company Building located in Halsey Street, Newark, NJ. Dr. Nikki Green was our lecturer for the night. She was amazing. As she told us her story, I thought about all the young people that should have listened to her. Express Newark is a place where learning, teaching and mentoring take place. I am excited to be part of this wonderful experience. I will be documenting my first six month as one of the residents in this wonderful place. My first project is called “A Mother’s Cry”. The project speaks about mothers losing their sons or daughters to gun and street violence. As a mother who lost her son to a violent crime I see the need to bring awareness and a voice to end the violence occurring every day in our city.