World Premiere: “For My Immigrants” Music Video


Newest Americans

Alexis Torres Machado was five when his parents brought him to the U.S. from Uruguay. Fair skinned and blue eyed, he is the antidote to visions of swarthy migrants trying to scale our imaginary walls. He’s one of the hundreds of thousands of youth who discovered they were undocumented at some point during childhood. Torres Machado found out when he was 11, and he remembers growing up with fear and stress. His mother, who supported him coming out of the shadows to register for DACA, discouraged him from releasing For My Immigrants because she was afraid he would be too exposed.

At Newest Americans, co-founders Tim Raphael and Julie Winokur knew that For My Immigrants had the potential to become an anthem for undocumented youth across the country. The intensity and integrity of Alexis’ words, and the passion in his performance, resonated.

You can watch the video here.