Humanities Action Lab launches ‘Translocal Learning Studio’

Humanities Action Lab

Express Newark Partner, Humanities Action Lab, is opening a studio for developing and expanding anti-racist, decolonial, and community-centered learning practices that activate history and memory for justice-centered movements and mutual aid in the current moment. This studio will be “translocal,” a core tenet of HAL that honors the unique circumstances, autonomy, and tools of hyperlocal organizing and supports building reciprocal learning relationships between these localities across the world.

The pilot “course” this fall, consisting of 6-8 online modular sessions, will include undergraduate/graduate students, members of community organizations, and faculty from HAL’s 20+ partner communities.  Participants will engage as both teachers and learners, to collaboratively experiment with exercises, workshops, readings/media, and other forms that challenge what teaching and practicing justice-centered public history can and should be.

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