About Express Newark

Our Mission

Express Newark is a center for socially engaged art and design in Newark, NJ, where people co-create, collaborate, and make art for social change.

Since 2021, Express Newark has been led by Pulitzer-prize-winning critic and curator Salamishah Tillet as its executive director and conceptual artist and award-winning photographer Nick Kline as its creative director.

Where we are

In the spirit of adaptive reuse, Express Newark opened in downtown Newark, NJ, in 2017 as a 50,000-square-foot art space in the restored Hahne & Company building, home to the former iconic department store.

What you can do

Supported by Rutgers University – Newark, Express Newark uses a hybrid model of Rutgers faculty, staff, and community artists to support its programming, residencies, and art education. Community members can access its numerous art galleries, meeting spaces, learning labs, and the following art studios: 3D design printing; a digital storytelling, video, and podcast production lab; a portrait photography studio; a public art initiative; and a harmony lab.

Our artist and curator residencies are deeply committed to ensuring that contemporary artists, many of whom are born or based in Newark, have the opportunity to experiment, exhibit, and educate others about their new artworks while also providing them with a platform to drive national conversations about art and social change. Express Newark’s exhibitions, art education classes, and programs actively cultivate a dynamic, open, and welcoming space for artists of all ages.

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Salamishah Tillet

Executive Director, Express Newark & New Arts Justice

Nick Kline

Creative Director, Express Newark, Founder & Director, SHINE Portrait Studio

Alliyah Allen

Associate Curator & Programs Director, Express Newark

Devyn Nunez

Technical Coordinator, SHINE Portrait Studio

Tyler Kaneshiro

Harmony Lab

Dana Damiani

Technology Manager, Express Newark

Inayah Bashir

Outreach Coordinator, Express Newark

Gwen Thomas

Business Specialist, Express Newark

Michael Stachiw

Technical Director, Video Production and Community Media Center, Express Newark

William Garcia

Program Coordinator, Video Production Program

Sébastien Denis

Technical Manager, Community Media Center

Yucef Mayes

Outreach Consultant, Community Media Center

Yvonne Shirley

Director, Community Media Center

Jennifer Bernstein

Co-Director, Design Consortium

Ned Drew

Founding Director, Design Consortium

Chantal Fischzang

Co-Director, Design Consortium

Ashley Alleyne

Technical Coordinator, Form Design Studio

Keary Rosen

Founding Director, Form Design Studio & Lab

Stefon Harris

Director, Harmony Lab

Regina Campbell

Administrative Coordinator, Humanities Action Lab

Thyquel Halley

Administrative & Communications Coordinator, Humanities Action Lab

Liz Sevcenko

Director, Humanities Action Lab

Timothy Raphael

Co-Founder & Director, Newest Americans

Wayne Winborne

Executive Director, Institute of Jazz Studies

Kristina Micu

Program Coordinator, Newest Americans

Brooke Finister

Program Coordinator, New Arts Justice

Anonda Bell

Director & Chief Curator, Paul Robeson Galleries

Bryant Lebron

Gallery Administrator, Paul Robeson Galleries

Juan Giraldo

Head Preparator, Paul Robeson Galleries

Anthony Alvarez

Assistant Director, Shine Portrait Studio