Visual Means teams up with Law School Professor on gentrification project

Image: Professor Bernstein's Visual Means class. c/o David Bergeland

Visual Means

Visual Means is an advanced graphic design class that is an integral part of the Rutgers-Newark Arts, Culture, Media Department’s Graphic Design Program, and a Partner at Express Newark. This year, the class, led by Professor Jennifer Bernstein, is collaborating with Rutgers Law School Professor David Troutt on a project called Visualizing Equitable Growth. The project is being supported by a grant from Express Newark. Professor Bernstein, along with her Visual Means class, will create a design-based experience that will include data visualization based on Professor Troutt’s data-intensive research on tenant-displacement risk factors.

You can find the full article on this exciting project, written by SASN’s Lawrence Lerner, here.